Closed loops

  • Scale, corrosion and microbiological control

  • Propylene Glycol

  • BY-Pass feeders


​control of:

  • Algae, bacteria and other microbiogical organisms

  • Scale and Corrosion

  • Aid in evaporation credits

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We also have available Mechanical Services.

Claude Paul Chemicals Inc. Services

  • In-depth on-site water treatment analyses.
  • Full automation line Boiler and Cooling Tower Treatment Chemicals and Services.
  • Closed Loops and Cooling Tower Cleaning.
  • Laboratory Services.
  • Monthly consulting Services and visits.
  • Complete water treatment programs for control of scale, corrosion, and biological fouling.
  • On line cleaning of cooling towers and boilers.
  • Full service cooling tower and boiler service.
  • Free estimates and analysis for cooling towers, steam/hot water boilers, and closed loop systems
  • Complete water analysis and inspection for scale, corrosion and biological fouling.


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Claude Paul Chemicals, Inc.

Claude Paul Chemicals, Inc cooling towers

Industrial Water Treatment

Cooling Towers, Boilers, and Closed Loop Systems

Controlling corrosion

and saving energy


  • Scale and corrosion control

  • Condensate treatment (eliminate grooving corrosion)

  • Monitoring of pre-treatment systems

  • (i.e. softeners, DI units, deaerators)

waste water

  • ph adjustment  products

  • coagulants and flocculants

  • defoamers

  • jar testing available


  • Chemical feed and bleed controllers

  • Contact Head Water Meters

  • Chemical Feed Pumps

  • Side-stream Filtration Systems

  • Surface Blowdown Controllers

  • Condensate Monitoring/Dump Controller

  • Injection Quills